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Getting Connected in the Oil and Gas Industry

Over the past few years, volatility in oil price has led to numerous initiatives to improve operational efficiency in the oil and gas industry.  The size and complexity of the industry create a variety of challenges such as prolonging equipment lifecycle, reducing downtime, enhancing production, and most importantly, improving safety.  Key components in solving these challenges are remote monitoring, data communication, and process control. 


An industry in motion, such as oil and gas, presents an immense opportunity to collect and utilize data.  Whether it’s pipeline flow rates, wellhead pressures, or temperature readings, the progression of these measurements provide valuable insights that can be used to optimize production, minimize downtime, and prevent safety incidents. As an industry leader in monitoring and control systems for over 40 years, Red Lion recognizes the challenges unique to this sector and has established partnerships with many oil and gas companies to develop and implement effective solutions for complex problems in an increasingly digital oilfield.

PumpWell Solutions

One example of this partnership was a collaboration with PumpWell Solutions based in Calgary.  PumpWell specializes in optimizing pump jack operating parameters using precision sensor equipment.  They needed a monitoring system that would deliver high performance data collection, communication, and control.


Red Lion created a solution specifically for PumpWell’s needs.  By integrating a network of Red Lion Sixnet RTUs and cellular routers, Red Lion developed a remote monitoring solution that could be controlled without direct site visits.  This has created drastic improvements in production and equipment lifecycle while minimizing safety exposure and total cost of ownership.

The Digital Oilfield 

The oil field is going digital, and for good reasons.  Industrial networking, the ability to collect and transmit valuable information in real time to central monitoring locations, facilitates improvements across many aspects of the business.  Red Lion control systems are proven to optimize production, extend equipment life, lessen safety exposure, and reduce operating costs in the oil field.


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Xinjiang Zhundong Petroleum Company

In the eastern part of Zhungeer, Xinjiang in China, well sites are exposed to extreme temperature variations.  Further, poor road conditions make site visits particularly difficult.  Xinjiang Zhundong Petroleum Company needed a rugged remote monitoring and control solution that would reduce the need for site visits.


The solution was to integrate Red Lion Sixnet VersaTRAK RTUs with their existing SCADA system.  Built to withstand the harshest of environments, Red Lion RTUs collect and log data from remote sites in real time and transmit the data over a CDMA mobile network to a central control center.  The solution enables pumps to be started and stopped remotely, improving production efficiency without necessitating a treacherous journey to each individual well site.


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Posted 9/18/18