OT / IT on one platform

Optimize the operational data acquistion and digitization of heterogeneous production facilities. Unlock the full potential!

FlexEdge is a unique platform that can be expanded through software upgrades (OT) and flexibly adapts to new communication standards (IT). All in one device! 



Stop unprofitable material and employee deployment through optimized data acquisition and digitization in production. Modernize your Smart Factory processes - regardless of the age and language of your production facilities!

  • Discover FlexEdge™ - Red Lion's Edge Automation platform

  • Integration of OT/IT in one device with field unlockable software updates

  • Extend the lifecycle of your manufacturing equipment with Advanced Multi-Protocol Gateways

  • Optimize the visualization of industrial data in your production

  • Realization of IIoT & Smart Factory 

  • High performance networking capabilities by industrial Ethernet